Hair Extensions is our speciality. Trust us to transform your look with some Ebony & Ivory premium 100% Human Hair Extensions using only the best Techniques.

You are Fab Amazing and Beautiful

Ebony & Ivory Hair Extensions = Enhance Confidence, longer hair, Thickness, change of colour makeover, VERSATILE but most of all feel FABOULOUS! Cause that is our promise to you!

There are different grades of human hair used within the hair extension industry Ebony & Ivory only uses its own Premium 100% Virgin and Remy Italian and Indian Hair extensions. We apply hair extensions professionally using excellent quality hair, understanding different Hair textures and skill in the weight and positioning. These are very good essential elements to know, hence why we are good at the Tecniques we use.

Ebony & Ivory VIRGIN ITALIAN and INDIAN Hair Extensions

This is our top of the line hair texture .The Hair is Virgin which means it has never been coloured, permed, tinted or chemically treated in any way. The extension hair can be perfectly matched to your own hair with respect to colour, curl and texture. It can be coloured, highlighted, blow-dried, flat ironed straight and curled to create any look you want yet still behave exactly like your natural looking hair. And it gets better you can swim with this Hair how amazing is that. Durability: Can last up to 6-12 Months (with correct maintenance).

Ebony and Ivory REMY 100% Human Straight Hair Extensions

Our Remy hair comes in  AMAZING 37 Colours. Hair is produced using the finest Cuticle correct 100% human hair, it has minimal processing leaving the cuticle intact. Our hair can be treated as normal, weft can be cut, curled, straightened and blow dry. Durability: Can last up to 4-6 Months (with correct maintenance).

Our Techniques

Joan Dellavalle has mastered the Weaving cornrow Technique since she was young and continues to improve on it. The method and techniques has been traditionally used for centuries in Africa this method was passed on by the older people to the younger ladies to learn how to grow and groom there hair the weaving method is extremely high quality and give clients the satisfaction of knowing that all their extension work completed by Joan Dellavalle will be Fab, feel secure, easy to manage and looks amazing. Offering nothing but a unique bond between the client and the Hair. The hair is cornrowed in a thin cornrow and hair extensions are sawn on top of the cornrow.

Lasting Time: 2 months

Period can be pushed to 3 months but will need to check this and advice you.

Hair extension Pricing

Our hair extension prices vary depending on method, Colour, volume and hair length that will be suited to your hair. It is also highly recommended that you purchase Aftercare Products that have been specifically designed for hair extension used to ensure your extensions last.

Prices using Virgin Hair From $550
Prices using Remy Hair From $450
Weft/Weave method Remover From $50
Removal of other salon's hair extensions From $90
Blow dry with Extensions From $95
4 weeks resewing through Extensions FREE


Clip-in Hair Extensions by Ebony & Ivory

Change your look faster and for less.

Our Ebony & Ivory clipins 100% Human Hair is available in more than 37 colours from 18inchs-22inchs.

Good NEWS our balayage clip ins Remy Hair Has landed in amazing 18 colours from 18inchs-24inchs.

What is so Good about our Balayage Clip ins you don't need to change your hair colour for that Balayage look just simply get yourself a set of our clip ins and be amazed by the transformation!

Clip in hair extensions are temporary, interchangeable hair extensions that you can "clip on" to your natural hair. The advantages of using clip in extensions as opposed to professionally applied hair extensions are that you can play around with different colours and looks without the need for professional application.

Bridal clip in Hair Extensions

Having incredible hair for your wedding is a must and having hair extensions to give you that look will cost less than your wedding dress and will last long past your honeymoon.

Prices subject to change without prior notice