Mereti, Dinani & Marcus

To an amazing, wonderful, smart, talented, altogether fantastic person and team! xx.

Joan, Geoff!! What a great story! So proud of what you established. And so proud to celebrate with you both.

Mereti, Dinani & Marcus

Elz Milo

Happy 10th Anniversary!

To the most talented, beautiful and inspiring lady that I have had the pleasure to meet in my lifetime. Thank you Joan for sharing our infectious laugh with the people that walk through the Ebony & Ivory doors. To you and Geoffey for all those amazing years that you have with your business and many more successful years to come.

The amazing team you have behind you are as joyful and talented as ou. You have the best team and it's been a joy knowing all the girls and boys that work for Ebony & Ivory. Thank you for everything Joan and I pray continue to shower you with his blessing.

Ok, I've talked enough... hahaha

Love you Joan + Ebony & Ivory team XOXOXO

Lisa Viola

Thanks for being THE ONLY salon in Australia that caters to all hair types and DOES IT WELL... X

Lisa Viola - Sydney

Rita Nita

Love my amazing new hair thanks to the work of my amazing hairdresser Miss Joan Dellavalle.
Ebony & Ivory is da BOMB...

Rita Nita - Perth

Christelle Collet

Anyone who wants to feel new and sexy to go to Ebony & Ivory Hair and Beauty Salon, the one and only destination to feel as awesome as I'm feeling!
Thanks to Joan and team at Ebony & Ivory. Love my new hair and the amazing service... I felt like a PRINCESS!

Christelle Collet - Perth

Helen Syme

Joan Dellavalle and her team at Ebony & Ivory are always the BEST!

Helen Syme - Perth

Liliana Aguirre

I love my new hair so so much ... It is FABULOUS! Thank you, THANK YOU!
You're a true ANGEL!

Liliana Aguirre - Perth

Lizee McLaughlin

Absolutely love my new hairdo thanks to the team at Ebony & Ivory...


Lizee McLaughlin - Perth

John Duke

THANK YOU Ebony & Ivory... NO ONE does it like you guys do...


John Duke - Perth